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Mar 18javascript

Discover and extract dependencies

While refactoring some badly tested code, a pattern of how I extract dependencies emerged. The actual intention was to improve the testability. In this case dependency injection is the tool that helped me. Read here to find out the steps I found to separate the dependencies.

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Mar 07purescript

Purescript build tool - pulp #3

In the last part #2 of the purescript series I got Purescript and it's executable installed, using yarn. Pulp seems to be the default "build system and package manager for PureScript projects" as Bodil Stokke states in her 1st commit to the project. Let me explore it a bit.

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Mar 05purescript

Installing purescript #2

This post is my 2nd write-down inspired by "Purescript by Example", the book by Phil Freeman, the author of purescript. Now about chapter 2, where I install Purescript and touch the tools for the first time. I am gonna use yarn instead of npm, let's see how that goes :).

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Mar 01purescript

Purescript - the semantics of JavaScript with types #1

I am convinced, that stricter types are of help when writing, reading and understanding source code. Why? Ever had the primitive obsession? And if you continue down the (type) rabbit whole, you get to stricter typing. And to Purescript, which attempts "to keep the semantics of JavaScript, while enjoying the syntax and type system of a language like Haskell".

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Feb 18images - imagery for a website

I just stumbled over which looks like it could speed up a website building process and reduce the time one needs to invest in preparing images.

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Feb 09command line

Find out which process listens on which port

The annoying port 8080 is already in use message and not knowing which process is occupying this port sucks. I knew it was lsof that can help me. But how exactly? TL;DR: ps -p `lsof -i :8080 -t` -o command= (on Mac OSX)

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Jan 21jinja

The magic dash in a Jinja template block

What the heck does -%} mean in a Jinja template?

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May 11oop

Alan Kay On Messaging

On the famous c2 wiki find "Alan Kay On Messaging". His words are from the year 1998 and still so true. And I am only close to the beginning of really understanding. But I have to, as usual, extract some of the key points for me. Make sure to read the entire message anyways, it's really very short!

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May 04oop

OO (with Message passing) - explained by Sandi Metz

I have been titled as a Sandi Metz fanboy, I am :). I use "send to" and "plays the role" since I read her book poodr.

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