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2015 May 11The keynote of keynotesvideo
2015 Apr 16Pharo - object-oriented programming language and a powerful environmentprogramming language
2015 Apr 13"I made it object-oriented"oop
2015 Apr 13Decoupling explained from a different anglefunctional
2014 Feb 24Driven to Tests by Kevlin Henneytesting
2014 Feb 18Refactoring knowledgerefactoring
2014 Feb 16Programming, Programmers and our craftprogrammer
2014 Jan 24Trash Your Servers and Burn Your Code: Immutable Infrastructure and Disposable Componentstesting
2014 Jan 19One Hacker Way - Erik Meijeragile
2014 Jan 19Sandi Metz - The Design of Teststesting