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CSS Reset

First search result for "CSS reset" is by the mighty Eric Meyer https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/ from quite some time ago. And looking up the source of his site I see the reset is not really included, also no modified version as far as I saw it. Next I came across https://cssreset.com/what-is-a-css-reset/ which nicely explains the whys and also states the cons. Unfortunately the latter article is missing a date, so I can't say how old this knowledge is. That's why I was so very keen on having all items properly dated on my blog.

Since it had been quiet around CSS reset lately in my bubble, I needed to refresh my knowledge a bit. I take away:

However, there are multiple benefits of this technique that outweigh any drawbacks, not least the more logical development progression that it afford: paste in your CSS Reset, paste in your base styles (if needed), then define everything else from there. It’s also nice to know that you’ve got your bases covered.

I will use a CSS Reset only for padding and margin for the start, to adhere to most of what the user agent defined.

I found out why the site cssreset.com has no dates, it's a pure SEO site where someone wants to make money with ads. This decreases my trust in what's written there. Mmmmh. Reading on https://cssreset.com/privacy/ "SURESWIFT CAPITAL INC., the owner and provider of this Website https://cssreset.com" I think you can get a picture of the trustworthiness of this site.