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Learning reddit

I posted the following on reddit, finding out that the bot does not permit it. Read how I discovered reddit, finally.

The forbid message from the reddit bot
The forbid message from the reddit bot

Self-posts (text) must follow the [AskJS] guidelines

What is Self-Post?

A self post is one that "doesn't link outside of reddit. It can also be called a 'text post'".

What do the [AskJS] Guidelines say?

What does [AskJS] mean at all?
The [AskJS] guidelines say:

Generally speaking, it's for the types of posts that StackOverflow doesn't allow. If your topic can have a "correct" answer, or it can be answered with code, then it should be posted to r/LearnJavascript or a Q&A site like StackOverflow.

Regarding the last sentence "your topic can have a "correct" answer", I would say "No". I am just trying to share knowledge, because I think it's useful. No ads on my page, nothing to win for me, just a bit of joy when seeing people use jskatas.org and hope to spread the joy of learning.

A bit later it says:

soliciting advice, sharing opinions, or debating best practices, [AskJS] is intended as an outlet for each of those, and more.

The "and more" makes me hopeful :).

But reading more it gives examples like "Which IDE is your favorite, and why?" and my post is definitely not of that type.

What are "Posts that StackOverflow doesn't allow"?

At the beginning of the [AskJS] guidelines it said

it's for the types of posts that StackOverflow doesn't allow

Which I have to look up on stackoverflow :).

You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face.

So, my post is not of that type.

"Anything other than a subjective question is also considered off-topic"

The [AskJS] guidelines say this a bit further down. So I assume my post has no place on reddit.

All other posts must use the "Submit a new link" option; if additional text is required, add a comment to your post. [...] Learning, Support & Help questions are still off-topic for [AskJS], and should be posted to r/LearnJavascript

Oh maybe my post has a place on reddit. I will try there.

Oh yes, it says on reddit.com/r/learnjavascript

This subreddit is for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript or help others do so.

That's it.
So I learned reddit, finally 😎.

And here is the post Discover Array.prototype.includes() in depth, through a #jskata in r/learnjavascript (whatever the r/ means).