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Setting a Cookie: use Max-Age!

@Peter Coles wrote "HTTP Cookies: What's the difference between Max-age and Expires?" in 2009, but he has updated the article later and there is the answer for wether to use "expires" and/or "max-age" when you set cookies.

What is "max-age"?

Max-age sets the time in seconds for when a cookie will be deleted (use this, it’s no longer 2009) [...] expires was deprecated and replaced with the easier-to-use max-age

About browser compatibility, he states:

Unfortunately, none of the current versions of Internet Explorer support max-age

MDN does not confirm that. caniuse.com states that IE 7 did not support it, but IEs after that do.

Not sure when Peter updated his post last, but he closes it with

UPDATE: just use Max-Age, the web has improved since this was written.

If you don't write IE7 apps use "max-age"!