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snowpack.dev - Bundler Free Development

Bundler like webpack take up too much of our intention, imho. We spend a lot of time configuring them and waiting for them to build so we can see our site. Snowpack moves the bundler out of the way so you can develop without worrying about it locally.

At some point in the last decade, JavaScript bundling shifted from being a production nice-to-have optimization to a full-on dev requirement. Configuration files, plugin ecosystems, extra dependencies, tooling complexity, code-splitting, waiting to rebundle every save… all of this suddenly became required overhead to do any level of web development.

Since we always use modern browser during development anyways, doing as snowpack suggests:

The only requirement is that during development you use a modern browser. Any recent release of Firefox, Chrome, or Edge will do.

should be a no issue. Just imagine you use all the latest features and you are serving the files as you have them on your filesystem. This even allows you to leverage more of your devtools and there is a lot that will make you more productive.