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HTML Elements not Upgradable to CBEs

More HTML provides a CBE (Customized Built-in Element) for upgrading heading tags such as H1, H2, ... to render a link-icon beside them, as many know it from github readme files.
I wanted to upgrade all picostitch sites automatically by just including a <script> which upgrades all headings on the page and adds this functionality.
It is not possible to upgrade a parsed and rendered element (like an H1) afterwards.

There is a very good longer explanation of that on stackoverflow. In short the conclusion is:

The is attribute is used only at element creation (at parse time) to initialize the is value and has no effect if changed when the element is already created. In that sense is value is read-only.

What is More HTML?

This is a small early stage project I started a while ago. It ...

... provides several web components that just enhance HTML. Some are provided as pure web components ala <more-somecomponent> and others can be used via customized built-in elements (CBEs read more on MDN), such as <h1 is=more-h1> which enhances an H1 with certain functionality. See the examples for some more in depth explanation and examples.

See the README.

What is a CBE?

CBE is the abbreviation for "customized built-in element" and it makes up a part of Custom Elements. The spec says the following about it.

Customized built-in elements are a distinct kind of custom element, which are defined slightly differently and used very differently compared to autonomous custom elements. They exist to allow reuse of behaviors from the existing elements of HTML, by extending those elements with new custom functionality.

What does "upgrade" mean?

"Upgrade" in the context of Web Components or Custom Elements has a specific meaning. The spec explains that very well too.

Because element definition can occur at any time, a non-custom element could be created, and then later become a custom element after an appropriate definition is registered. We call this process "upgrading" the element, from a normal element into a custom element.