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Is it Github "Actions" or "Workflow"?

I wanted to deploy to github-pages using the renamed branch "main", but it seems not to be possible with github (yet) to turn on github-pages with a branch different then "master". So I thought it might be a good time to try out github actions, maybe this will help? If not I will have learned something.

I am Trying it out

I clicked on the "Actions" tab on my More HTML project page and chose "set up a workflow yourself →". The confusion did already start for me, I click on "action" and the link here says "set up a workflow". What is it action or workflow?

I clicked: set up a workflow yourself
I clicked: set up a workflow yourself

This now opens a file editor for a file ".github/workflows/main.yml". Again workflow, not action. I need to read some docs.

"basic workflow to help you get started with Actions"
"basic workflow to help you get started with Actions"

Even at the top of this new file it says

basic workflow to help you get started with Actions

I really need to clarify the terms for me. So I click the "Documentation" link on the right side. There it says "Getting started with a workflow" and later

For the full GitHub Actions documentation on workflows, see [...some link...]

It doesn't get clearer yet. I follow the suggested link. And already the breadcrumb (see image below) does help me understand it a bit better. There is a hierachy. Though still the terms are used in a mixed way. But I seem to be close to figuring it out.

Both terms "action" and "workflow" are used.
Both terms "action" and "workflow" are used.

On this page Configuring a workflow I finally find relief.

Workflows must have at least one job, and jobs contain a set of steps that perform individual tasks. Steps can run commands or use an action. You can create your own actions or use actions shared by the GitHub community and customize them as needed.

You can configure a workflow to start when a GitHub event occurs, on a schedule, or from an external event.

Alright, now I get it. Now I have a hierarchy and I understand what the terms mean and how they are connected. Poooh, finally.

In the End

I realized Github Actions are way more than just a .travis file, if I want to entirely understand them.

While searching and thinking about how to do that and how much technology and machines are behind this to make it all work, I thought that all this does not cost me a dime. This leaves me with the question, why not move all my code slowly over to codeberg.org, pay for it, control it, own it.

Github costs no money. What is the price I am paying?