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Clean Architecture Book to Read?

I have this book Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture on my reading list, actually just as an open tab in my browser for a long time now. I just put it down here, maybe I come back to read it. Not sure if it is good and worth the time, but I like the topic and I think it is very relevant to understand this better.

The book on leanpub.
The book on leanpub.

Looking at the table of contents I really like the first chapter already.

1. What’s Wrong With Layers?

It Promotes Database-Driven Design
It’s Prone to Shortcuts
It Grows Hard to Test
**It Hides the Use Cases**
It Makes Parallel Work Difficult
How Does This Help Me Build Maintainable Software?

Especially the bold "It Hides the Use Cases". I think most of our code is not structured by what it does but by how a language or framework suggests us to do it. That might also be the reason why I find Hexagonal Architecture and alikes so appealing.

Find the book on leanpub.