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React Native Picker - Still Maintained?

I am wondering if the React Native Picker component is still maintained and if it is usable or if I am totally looking at the wrong thing for using a picker for a mobile app.

Example of the Picker Component
Example of the Picker Component

The Data I Have

I collected some data points about the React Native Picker but I still don't know if this component is in wide use or not.

npm Lists Many Downloads

On npm the package has >67k downloads a week which looks like there is some traction and many people are using it. That is my assumption.

npm stats
npm stats of the Picker Component

Moved out of the RN Core

Last time I had used the picker component, it was part of the RN core. In about 2017, as far as I understand from the issue's comments. the Picker moved to the community repo, where some formerly core components have moved.

Unresolved Issues Stay

I used (at least) workarounds for two issues in the Picker back in 2016. The Picker was still part of the RN core. The issues were closed when the picker moved to the new community repo.

Almost no Maintenance

Most commits in the last months are about managing dependencies. A lot of issues are still open and knowing that the repo had moved in 2017 (I believe) I assume the issues had not been moved from there to the new repo.