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React Native Picker Repo Moved (Again)

The React Native picker is a module I had a couple of touchpoints with. Even before it had moved repositories. Now it moved again.

Some History

Back in 2016 the picker was shipped with React Native.

When I started working with React Native again in September 2020 it had moved out of React Native into community repo, judging by the repo name: github.com/react-native-community/picker.

Looking at the repo today (while still trying to learn how to style the component on android) I learned that the repo had moved again, this time to github.com/react-native-picker/picker.

Reading the commit linked above I learned that the "react-native-community" org seems not to host repos anymore, which makes sense I think, otherwise everyone would want to be there which makes it kinda like another internet :). I am just not sure if this means that the component will be maintained more intensively than it was the case in the last years. Actually it sounds like a good open source project to help with, I felt the pain for a long time and if you browse the issues I feel that most of them are about styling the picker (on Android). Let's see if I get my android things solved and lets see then.