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React Native Android Cheatsheet

This is a collection of things I sometimes need when working with React Native and my external Android device.

List Connected Devices

To see all connected devices run: adb devices. Unfortunately the names listed are not always helpful. I always plug/unplug the device and figure out which one is which name. Better ideas? I am interested.

Open the Developer Menu in the App from the Shell

From the command line in the shell to open the developer menu run this command

adb shell input keyevent KEYCODE_MENU

Reload App from Shell

adb shell input text "RR"

Reconnect Device

Sometimes when I put my computer to sleep, or alike and it disconnects from the device, run the following to restart the connection (rebuilding the android app works too, but is way slower):

$ # In this order!
$ adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081
$ react-native start
$ # OR
$ adb shell input text "RR"
$ # OR
$ # <press "r", if you are in the shell where `react-native start` is still running>

Unfortunately I also have to restart the app on the device, will need to figure out how to prevent this.

More hints in this thread on stackoverflow.

See Logs

$ adb logcat

See Also

  • adb Learnings - My findings about how "to use my real android device to preview stuff, not the emulator anymore"
  • Start the Right Android Emulator - If you have multiple devices installed in the Android Studio, and you need to choose a certain one.