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CSS Preloading - Superior To Bundling?

Do you want to speed up CSS file loading? Do you also see this waterfall chart in the Network Tab of your DevTools? There is a simple measure to help the browser optimize loading assets. Preload them.
I think it is superior to bundling. It is less complex and has better caching behavior.

Let's start by looking at how we used to do it.


We normally use

<!-- blog.html -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="blog.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="_nav.css">

This loads two CSS files, which might look like this:

/* blog.css */
@import "../_global.css";
@import "../_nav.css";

/* _global.css */
@import "./_vars.css";
@import "./_reset.css";

They causes the network view to show this graph and clearly shows that loading one file results in loading more files. Even though we actually know what other files will need to be loaded.

Preload waterfall, not ideal
Preload waterfall, not ideal

Let's optimize loading the CSS files.


Preloading the assets is as easy as adding a couple of lines in your site's <head>. In the above example we can preload like this:

<link rel="preload" href="/_vars.css" as="style">
<link rel="preload" href="/_reset.css" as="style">
<link rel="preload" href="/_global.css" as="style">
<link rel="preload" href="/_nav.css" as="style">

and it will result in a network graph looking like this:

Preloading all CSS files. No waterfall. Ideal.
Preloading all CSS files. No waterfall. Ideal.

Superior to Bundling - Why?

It brings less complexity. Bundlers themselves are complex tools. You can drops them completely for the CSS part of a site by leveraging preloading. You might want to generate the preload-tags if manual maintanence is a burden. For this site I am sticking to manually building them. It's not worth the effort (yet).

The browser can optimize caching of small files, instead of a big bundled CSS file. If you deploy multiple times a day you can prevent the customer to have to download a new bundle every time they visit the site. Using this approach files like _vars.css or _reset.css may not change as often as others, so the browser won't need to reload them, and even less a big bundled CSS file.


On MDN the article Preloading content with rel="preload" describes how and what can be preloaded in way more detail.