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ArchUnit For JavaScript - archijs

Archijs describes itself as "A package to test javascript architecture".
TL;DR - it is not ready for use yet, I would not.

Use it in your project now, via:

yarn add archijs

and you can write a test like this

const project = Archijs.parseFromPath("src"); 
const rule = Archijs


Under the Hood

I have opened the hood a bit. The core file "Archijs.js" is a bit less than 100 lines and does currently only focus on directory structures as far as I understand it. So the use seems to be very limitted at the moment.

The tests

The test in arhcijs/test are quite basic. They do only run this one example that is also listed in the README file. Except for the index.spec.js all files are just fixtures for the tests to "see" them, this is a bit irritating.

Not Really an ArchUnit version for JavaScript

In the end, I am glad I found it, but I will keep looking for JavaScript versions of ArchUnit. I am not considering it for any project. It seems to be a "here is the idea" thin, until now.

I want

I started thinking about what I want from such a package just a couple of days ago. So I am not that far yet. But I know it will be different to what ArchUnit does. A JavaScript version is just very different to how Java "sees" architecture. It is so much looser and simply a dynamic language.

The things I would want to start with:

  • file X must never import a file from directory Y to ensure that a module from inside the hexagon never imports a file from "outside"
  • files X must be type-checked (relevant in JS)
    I don't want to have adapters that just fail because of not adhering to the ports interface