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Redux, Context or What

State management in react as it is most commonly spread among devs is suboptimal, I would say. I just looked up my first react app, it's from 2014 and we used react to make working with HTML in a "normal" DOM based page easier and code more readable. React didn't control all the page. We used jQuery to animate between the pages, where each page was a react component. Nowadays a react app tries to get the entire app to be react as quickly as possible. Has it turned around, against us?

But let's look a bit into state management, some history and some opinions. I just did this and watched a couple interesting videos. I got stuck with Zustand (not biased by a German name, definitely not) suggested by @Ben.

Choose Context or Redux

A very good very short video about when to choose Context or a state management library like redux. He shows very well where using Context only starts to get inefficient.
6 minutes

Redux and Context Explained

Here is a five minutes (starting at 3:35min up to 8:30min) rundown of redux and what the "new" Context API (in React since about v16.3) can do.
5 minutes

From History to What to use Next

He starts from exploring the history of the Context API, and he ends with the question if you should use redux in a project you start today. Well done.
6 minutes

The Three Types of State

In this video Ben explains very well what three kind of states he sees in React apps. He also says:

you are probably gonna be required to learn redux at some point, although I would recommend to procastinate it as long as you can

Made me smile. I succeeded in that too, I mean I know the theory and stuff, but ...
6 minutes

Youtube has annoyed me enough with ads. Back to coding ...