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My name is Wolfram Kriesing, I am a software developer from Munich, Germany. Originally I am from Berlin but happy to live in Munich already for about 20 years, basically since the beginning of my career.

Programming, I started in 1987

In 1987, I think it was March, I wrote my first line of code, in Basic. I am sure it had started with 10, because I still remember that I manually wrote the line numbers. And later I was wondering for a couple of weeks why the others in the programming course always wrote AUTO. I started doing that too, and later it dawned on me that it had nothing to do with cars, but with "automatically". And it automatically generated the line numbers, so I didn't have to write the 10, 20 and so on manually anymore.

Since then I hacked away, first in Basic, later in Turbo Pascal. It was in 1991 when I first touched C and I have to say those curly braces made me crazy. They made it all so ugly and unreadable. Makes me think if Pascal isn't actually close to the in-language of today, Ruby.

And in 1997 I graduated from technical computer science in Berlin by programming Delphi. With one of the first and, I have to say amazing, versions of DirectX. I had been programming a surround sound system for a theatre with six speakers, in order to create a 3D-like sound experience. That's also when I did hard-core multitasking programming and learned the difference between cooperative and preemtive multitasking.

My first job

I got employed at Giesecke+Devrient in Munich, my first job. At the first day I was given a circuit diagram for a piece of embedded hardware and was told to write a real time clock driver (RTC). I had no clue how to do it. I thought I was going to learn programming, but first I had to learn why and where this program runs on. Thanks Bernhard for making me learn that. And after three weeks, I had a running RTC driver, written in lots of assembler and some C. That was a ride! And a deep learning experience.

I had learned PHP, MySQL and the entire web stack beside my job and I started hacking a better ebay, which of course did never get released :). But it was better! It even used some fancy JavaScript, to enhance the web site a bit. That's what JS was for at the time, wasn't it? All this was triggered because I had been following the internet bubble for a while already, so it had to come, in 2000, I joined a startup. It didn't last long, just four months. But I got to know my later uxebu co-founder Tobias.