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Deploying to gh-pages after successful test run on travis

I wanted to just push my source code to github's master branch and all the deployment after that shall be automatic. Every dev-op reading this will say "yeah sure, wtf?".

To make it a bit simpler, I have a pure client-side app, in this case http://tddbin.com. So I started searching and tweeting.
It all started with this tweet and the initial help from Stephan Then I worked through this article, which is actually wrong where it states the travis-encrypt call. In short it has to be like this: travis-encrypt -r tddbin/tddbin-frontend GH_TOKEN=<the token github gave you> and everything behind the repo name will be encrypted, you can also add multiple env vars and then use them. Just like I did it on tddbin. In order to have the env vars you encoded available you need to put the encrypted secret into the .travis.yml file.