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Learning ReScript ...

ReScript (see rescript-lang.org) is a strongly-typed programming language that compiles to JavaScript, I call it a types-first language.

It has exhaustiveness built-in from the go, which means more complete error checks by the compiler and more complete code before you deploy.

It infers a lot of types, less types to write.

It also claims to look and act a lot like JavaScript, which I would not highlight, since the more real typing you do in ReScript the less it is like JavaScript, naturally (JS is just not typed).
Still I find it very interesting, because I think it really eases the use of (strict) typing, way more than languages like PureScript. ReScript allows using types in a much more efficient way than languages like flow or TypeScript because it is typed-first and not taped onto JavaScript. Curious? Want to follow along learning, then start with Part 1, and have fun.

In Part 1 I started with ReScript, I set up a project and made my first steps, got it running.
Now I want to learn more and get to the point where I have a feeling for how to use ReScript, lets see where it takes me. I guess it will take me more than this "Part 2" post to be comfortable to start a project with ReScript.

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I had planned building the kata for Number.parseInt() already a while ago. Starting to work I discovered very quickly that this seemingly tiny kata is quite a rabbit hole that offers a lot of things one can learn. Especially about how things evolve in the spec and how to read the spec, fortunately this is a pretty easy to read part of the spec.

It was the second time that we did Tetris as our task for the JSCodeRetreat and I have to say, that the participants' comment made me realize that we are on the right track. Though not all comments were purely in favor of Tetris, I think Tetris is the better task for a (JS) CodeRetreat.

It was Evren who triggered the idea of using Tetris as the task for the next JSCodeRetreat. And I have to say it was a good idea, it was a bit more challenging than the Game of Life and left more room for discussions and also allowed to explore more (software) design challenges.

Back on the road. Three days of EnterJS are just over and I am already on the next trip, this time with HolidayCheck. So let me quickly sum up EnterJS where I had the pleasure to meet lots of interesting new people and to give a workshop on ES6 (and ES8) and a talk on the static type checker flow.

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