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React Native Learnings

const iosShadow = {
    shadowColor: "#000",
    shadowOffset: {
        width: 0,
        height: 2,
    shadowOpacity: 0.22,
    shadowRadius: 2.22,

overflow=hidden prevents a shadow

does not show a shadow

<Pressable style={{overflow: hidden, ...iosShadow}}>

Remove the overflow attribute, which hides the shadow

<Pressable style={{...iosShadow}}>

<Text> styling is limited, wrap it in a <View>

on iOS

<Text style={{borderRadius: 5}}>

does not render a round corner, do

<View style={{borderRadius: 5}}>

React.useEffect() - deep compare works on iOS

Watch out. Actually React.useEffect() does not deep compare. Something like React.useEffect(yourFn, [anObject]) triggers yourFn to be called on every render. You have to use the props explicitly React.useEffect(yourFn, [anObject.prop1, anObject.prop2]) which makes sense.

Here is the catch: I developed on iOS and it all worked, while I was using the deep-compare approach ([anObject]) accidentally. Then I tried it on Android and it did NOT work.

I assume this is due to the different JS engines. Would be interesting to explore this some further.