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The best explaination of the Liskov Principle - by Allen Holub

You want to learn with really good examples why all inheritance is bad, and why you should think twice if you want to inherit in places or if you jump on the ship with the new tool/library/framework that forces you to inherit from it's base class. Watch the first 30 minutes https://vimeo.com/163860086 (exactly until 30:00).

Coupling is bad. You can't eliminate it, if you did, you wouldn't have a program


The more you know how the other object works, the worse off you are form a maintenatnce point of view.


Regarding subclass

When u are using subclass objects, you are also using super class objects.


Inheritance makes no sense at all, unless its reasonable, to pass to your subclass object, any message and all messages defined at the super class level. If there are super class level methods that dont make any sense at subclass level then you shouldnt be using any inheritance at all. It's that simple.


A great example for how to break the Liskov Principle (one of the SOLID principles).

If you find yourself in a situation where you are extending a super class and you have override everything, something is really wrong.


It is always true that you can replace extends relationships with implement relationships.


He spells out why using a delegate is better than implicitly having it happen (as inheritance would do). Also does his tiny sub-sentence remove one of my mixed feelings I had about ruby's delegate built-in. Which does look like nice sugar but is a bit less "safe", due to it's nature of trying to make you write less.


And he closes this part by saying

That's our trade-off we added a tiny bit of complexity.