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TestStitcher can handle many files

TestStitcher can now not only handle one file but any number of files (see the commit that finished it) and show the tests in a structured way, see the README for all details.

While doing that I discovered that passing too many argument to the file seems to stop at some point, it just doesn't do anything. Reading here this seems not to be the issue, I ran getconf ARG_MAX and it's above 200k, so that should not have been the issue. Anyways, thinking about it for a while I thought of making TestStitcher read a .test-stitcher.config.json of a project, which lists all files that shall be read by TestStitcher. In the future it might also contain whatever configurations.

What is TestStitcher?

Test stitcher, a small project that I had in my head for years, is taking shape. Test-sticher reads test files and spits out the test descriptions in a structured way. I am a big fan of readable and useful tests. Starting with well structured test descriptions sounds like a great start. But that is just the start, I got quite some ideas and a vision behind this one, watch this site for more info.