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My Git Cheatsheet

Since I moved to Linux for work I started to look up and collect the git commands I need most. On Linux I do not have my beloved GitUp app which is an amazing visual and fully keyboard controllable git tool available for MacOS only. Here is my list of git commands. As usual I created this collection so I know where to copy+paste commands from ;).

Branch stuff

Command What it does
git checkout -t -b <branch-name> Create new branch
git checkout -b branchxyz origin/branchxyz Checkout branch from origin
git push -u origin feature Push a NEW branch to origin
git push origin Push updates for a branch that is already at origin
git branch -d <branch name> Delete a local branch
git branch -m <old-name> <new-name> Rename a local branch


Command What it does
git commit -m 'message' filename.js Commit one file
git commit -am Open an editor and commit ALL changed files
git add -p
git commit -p
Commit parts of a file (so called hunks), most useful next options: y,n,s
git commit --amend Amend the last commit
git checkout -- <file-name> Reset file to last commit


Command What it does
git diff --cached See the staged code
git fetch origin Update local branch with branches from origin
git log <branchname> Shows the log of that branch
git cherry-pick <commit hash> Cherry pick a certain commit

Visual Tool on Linux

There is one visual tool I use on Linux though, which is git cola. Thanks to @d4nyll for suggesting it: