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Bookmark collect, October 2015 #2

This edition has links about Constructing a URL, React, Journeymanship, Mutation Testing and 15 links under "Various".

After the great architecture talk by Uncle Bob, I had to look at the FitNesse source code, started off by Uncle Bob and friends. To be honest, I was looking for the most perfect code that is out there ... mmmh, seems reality kicked in too :) still have to learn that this is life.

Constructing a URL

During my research about how to construct the URL properly and reading up about hashbang and like, I collected some links


Of course, I am reading up a lot about react, and was also looking around for a simple static site blog tool, here are some links


Things around my research on journeyman tour

Mutation Testing

Inspired by a session at socrates, all things I looked at around mutation testing


Google, no need to store my history of things I browsed in the last weeks, here it is right on github. :)