crafting (and) JavaScript


I first heard @bodil talk at the 2014 craftconf in Budapest where I saw her presentation where she was live coding in at least 10 languages on stage.

Of course I started following her on twitter back then and from time to time I recap her tweets just to see what other interesting things are out there in the world of functional stuff that I should look at. And there surely is always enough of it that I either never have heard of or that will cost me another couple of unplanned days to dive into in order to not feel so stupid anymore :).

Another thing she just posted, I guess preparing for another talk, is Β΅kanrens. They are inspired by minikanren

an embedded Domain Specific Language for logic programming.

I actually came across because I was once again hunting ES6 stuff. And found some beautiful code in her repo. And I had thought I used many of the new ES6 features :).