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JS (and) Crafting #9 – ECMAScript Version 1, Static Initialization Blocks, roc-lang, minimal.gallery

This is JS (and) Crafting #9 - November 27th, 2023. Every Monday you will receive a hand-selected collection of links about JavaScript and how to craft better software.


The 1st version of the ECMAScript specification (PDF 327kB) from 1997, a 110-page document that lays the foundation for what JavaScript has become today. A must-read for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Static initialization blocks are new in JavaScript (on MDN). While I'm still forming an opinion on this feature, as discussed here, it's undoubtedly a candidate for a jskatas.org update.


A Taste of Roc 📺 Richard Feldman introduces the direct descendant of Elm , which promises to be a "fast, friendly, functional language". The site has a WebAssembly-powered REPL, see roc-lang.org.

minimal.gallery has well-crafted, visually expressive websites. A standout example for me is only8.org, interesting facts about Barcelona's street names. Aesthetic design and meaningful content that resonates with our times.

Also Have a Look at

jskatas.org - Learn JavaScript – Test-Driven.
"JavaScript the Language" Meetup - A team-coding, no-presentations meetup.
The #jslang Repo - Tests and learnings from 55+ #jslang meetups.


I'm eager to hear your thoughts, input, corrections or interesting links. Please get in touch via mastodon provide a pull request or email me.

Happy Crafting!