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Accessibility (and) Tools

Diving into the topic of accessibility I found so much more than I expected. The first was the fact that "About 1 in 5 people has some type of disability.". I always knew and fought for doing accessibility at least better than yesterday, but effecting 20% by doing it badly can be painful, not only emotionally also for a business.

I found the NY Times has a page on Accessibility so "as many readers as possible are able to enjoy The New York Times", not sure how many pages do that and care so much.

I also played around with the "ultimate power" that the user has on the client to control what a website might look like. There is more than you expect.

While searching for tools to check beyond what lighthouse does, also so I can understand and learn more about accessibility I came across the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List on the W3C page it has 140 tools listed. And again, I came across WebAIM.org, they have a great tool: WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool where you enter a URL and get the results for this page with annontations on the page, see the image below.

WAVE, Accessibility Tool Result
WAVE, Accessibility Tool Result