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Find my notes and thoughts about this page here. I intend to update this continuously. Let's see ;).

April 21, 2020 - Tidbits section started

As stated below I want to use this site to share knowledge. One thing that I constantly do is searching for this one command, code snippet or alike which I need just now, find it on the web, use it and mostly forget it again, until I need it again. Since I learned that this happens I am mostly tweeting those kinda things nowadays. Once I need this piece of knowledge again, and that happens regularly (that's actually what made me start blogging) I have to go to twitter and search for those things in my tweets. Not always it's easy to find things on twitter, it just has it's own will on showing me search results.

Today I started /tidbits/ where I will just "throw" the knolwedge pieces at. I have no real plan on what it looks like and if there is any categorization or alike. I want to have this place to start with, maybe I am moving more towards putting the content there first and tweeting second. I own it. Indieweb ftw, it's just everywhere.

April 12, 2020 - The Start until picostitch.com

It all started a while ago, around 2005 that I actually started blogging (see my old pages on archive.org). Back then I started blogging I am sure also because many people did it, but my main reason was that I kept looking up things on the web even though I had applied or looked them up before and that felt really inefficient. So I started writing things that one needs every once in a while like how to burn a CD from the command line. Soon I added a lot of tech content, back then it was about dojo, ajax, python, django and JavaScript of course. The cool thing was that people responded and some kind of conversation started. I loved blogging.

Around 2009 I stopped blogging for some reason. Maybe that was because there was enough stuff to do with uxebu, which we had started in 2008, though I also blogged some on uxebu.com. Around 2014 I started at least taking notes again again because I was learning a lot after having been re-inspired by JB Rainsberger about TDD, software quality and alike things.

Around 2015 it must have been when I came up with picostitch.com and created this blog using lektor after I had searched for quite a while which static site generator to use. I wanted to have a name that is not just my name, but some name that can go beyond, so picostitch was created. Actually I had learned over the years that the name is not what makes the difference, it's what you make out of it. So coming up with the name "picostitch" didn't take me days.

After I had started a fulltime job in 2015 I basically stopped blogging again. I just wrote a couple of posts about the JSCodeRetreat I ran and later again some posts for HolidayCheck, where I started working in 2017. I am not sure if there are other blog posts lingering around anywhere, but I think that is most of it.

The current plan is to have a page that provides all the posts I had written in those various places. I am also planning on collecting all talks I had given, conferences I had been at and alikes. Basically collecting my professional online life here with the focus on sharing knowledge, mostly through blog posts. I also have a lot of tweets with (imho) lots of knowledge that I don't like to see get lost once twitter is down or decides to not like my content anymore, or whatever. Yep, indieweb ftw. So this is also something I am thinking about of adding here. I remember there was a time when I investigated a lot into the topic of webcomponents and shared most of my knowledge on twitter, instead of blogging :(. So, I expect a webcomponents section coming up here too.

I also plan to share a bit more about projects that I care about a lot, started, help run and work on sometimes.
Some of these projects are:

Looking around for how to also make this content useful I came across css-tricks.com, dev.to and others that basically have built a business around content aggregation. There are some good ideas there how to also get some bread on the table by doing that. Axel Rauschmayer with 2ality.com has also created quite some momentum by continuously creating high quality content, writing books, etc. So there are are ways to allow this work here and the collected knowledge feed some mouths. But right now I believe having it online and seeing continuous traction will be the start, how and if to monetize it later is something I have no real plan on yet, maybe it just stays my personal blog. We will see.

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Normally my name is not obfuscated, so it's mostly straightforward to get a hold of me:

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