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JS (and) Crafting #12 – Modern JS Workshop, Static Initialization Block, Private Class Fields, GoodJobs and Nicola Pellow

This is JS (and) Crafting #11 - December 18th, 2023. Every Monday you will receive a hand-selected collection of links about JavaScript and how to craft better software.

But before the content start, I have one personal thing.

I start giving Workshops in 2024

I am working with JavaScript for more than 24 years now, I am a test advocate and with the jskatas, the JSCraftCamp and the #jslang meetup, I try to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. Now I am starting the next level.

Together with the alm.sh I will be starting to give workshops on JavaScript and adjacent topics. I will start with six workshops in February, March and April 2024. If you can convince your company, bring a fellow developer and get a 10% discount.
👉 👉 👉 Check out my "Modern JavaScript Development" workshop.
You have any special questions or wishes? Get in contact directly.


Static Initialization Blocks

In last week's JavaScript the Language Meetup we wrote some code to explore static initialization blocks. I guess this test explains best what a static initialization block is.
Somehow I have the impression this is a feature that won't be used much. Anyway, it looks like this:

class Klass{
  static {
    // code that runs once, when the class is loaded

Private Class Fields is huge: 20 new Chapters in the Spec

With ES2022 (ES13) private class fields have been introduced. If one searches the ES2022 specification for "private" there are 38 hits. in the ES2021 spec there had been only 18 hits, and they are about built-ins such as Array, DataView, Atomics, so they do not look like anything related to classes. This means that 20 chapters (every hit is a chapter) cover the topics of private fields in classes 🤯 wow, this feels like a lot (of work). Thanks to all the proposal authors and contributors. If I looked right it was Daniel Ehrenberg initiating and working a lot on the proposal, starting in 2017.


Find a good job at GoodJobs!

GoodJobs looks like a sustainability-focused job search. Their criteria page describes in detail what companies have to fulfill to get listed. In short GoodJobs has established 5 sustainability categories based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Nicola Pellow Wrote the First Cross-Plattform Web Browser, in 1990

Nicola Pellow, in 1990 a math student intern working at CERN implemented the first cross-platform web browser in C, since Tim Berners-Lee browser for the NeXT machine was not portable. This browser was called the Line Mode Browser (LMB, WWWLib, or just www) it only displayed text, no images and not even any need for JavaScript. It was command line based, the command "list" gave a numbered list of the links for the current website

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Happy Crafting!