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What's an "Unary" Operator?

Coming across "unary operators" might happen in JavaScript, or (m)any other programming language(s). A couple examples for what is a "unary operator".
In JavaScript you may find: +1, -42, + "1", !true, delete x. All those are unary operators as you can also read on MDN and in the spec. But what does the "unary" really mean? And why is 1 + 1 not using a unary operator?
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ML for VRT - Part 3: Hands On

I renamed the series to "ML for VRT" instead of "ML vs. VRT" since that is what I actually want to achieve (eventually), as you can read in Part 1 - Machine Learning vs. Screenshot Comparing?. Read on to figure out how I ended up next to learn about neural networks, because I figured out just applying some code examples learned from tutorials won't suffice my learning and they won't answer the questions I actually have to understand how to tune a neural network to do what I image it to do, detecting screenshots for visual regression testing.
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I just wanted to install a github-flavored markdown plugin for vim. Until today I only used vim as it falls out of the box. So I had to do a couple detours before I got a vim plugin installed. Since I like the simplicity of the Mikado Method I apply it very often (maybe too often). In this case I used a very simple form of it, actually mainly to document all the steps I had to take on this detour. Read more below.

I know that the calling of functions can be quite noise-less, no parantheses and commas. But it also leaves me baffled at times. I can't get my head around this one either.