crafting (and) JavaScript

February 2016

This sticks out, so far :) Avdi Grimm's article about the law of demeter, reading it including all commetsn until the end will take a bit of time but is exactly what explains a lot of things that imho we do wrong in lots of software we write, I am working on improving myself around it. For the completeness here is the paper initially laying out the law of demeter.

Actually we are currently discussing and evaluating to use react or alike and this react lifecycle comes in perfectly and somehow also makes the point stronger that a well documented, cared and widely used project is a good thing to be using. Decided!


Till Nowak: Delivery

In Ruby "and and or are control flow operators, not boolean operators".

In the ruby koans I now came across array functions. One is collect and I thought, this is map, and the comment below said

A colleague just pointed me to the article about Six Thinking Hats. What I really like about this is that it removes the personal part from a solution finding, discussion, etc.