crafting (and) JavaScript

February 2014

Any browser project should have a look at DOMPurify at least, if not apply it right away. This might not be what you want to apply right away, but maybe it triggers you to learn more about this field, when security issues hit you it might be too late.

For TDDBin I was just looking for all the icons to use on the website, icons from github, trello and twitter to embed them. And I found out that the collection of those images/graphics are called brand assets. Next time you search for them, don't use the term logo, use "brand assets".

It's not additional synthesis, as I would interpret the headline first, but it's pretty hard core cool what is possible in the browser already.

Not sure if I will ever get bash right, but little helpers like this explaining how "if" works are always helpful (to me).

I wanted to just push my source code to github's master branch and all the deployment after that shall be automatic. Every dev-op reading this will say "yeah sure, wtf?".

As often as I look for this, I need to write it down. For example for my fork of github:dropping-spray, which got inspired by this tweet and the following discussion.

If you want to dive into cookies, here is the RFC6265. I was looking around for some decent cookie libraries. There seem to be some of them.

I asked myself what branch rebase refers to. The one I want to rebase on or the one I want to rebase from?

Links about naming things

I was about to write a "Handler" class. But I remembered that the "er" classes are not so good.