crafting (and) JavaScript

January 2021

After live blogging on day 1 I made a plan for day 2. I will watch all content in 2x speed and just pause whenever I need a bit to write. It's just a video, so I can catch up by higher speed. Also I came to the conclusion that I don't even need to be fully in sync, except for the polls and the live chatting, but there is too much life going on in parallel that I am glad about the pause button.

It is always good to remind oneself constantly how and why to do things. Refactoring is one of the things that I see getting too little attention. I don't mean in our sprints or tickets, I mean in our professional lifes. Refactoring is a tool we have. Use it (right)! I guess "right" is more often important than one thinks.

Layouting a site with CSS is initially easy. It becomes fun and more difficult when it shall become responsive, when you have a special design in mind and when one browser does not work as expected.
The site Solved by Flexbox by @philwalton is a great resource where he shows six major use cases and describes the solutions.

Do you want to speed up CSS file loading? Do you also see this waterfall chart in the Network Tab of your DevTools? There is a simple measure to help the browser optimize loading assets. Preload them.
I think it is superior to bundling. It is less complex and has better caching behavior.

I had planned building the kata for Number.parseInt() already a while ago. Starting to work I discovered very quickly that this seemingly tiny kata is quite a rabbit hole that offers a lot of things one can learn. Especially about how things evolve in the spec and how to read the spec, fortunately this is a pretty easy to read part of the spec.

I used to install everything on my machine. I used to have ruby, nodejs, python, java, rebol, red and all the programming languages and environments, their packagers and tools I needed installed on my machine. It was heaven. Except for the moment when I had to install a new tool, that needed a newer version, and the old ones might broke and then I had to choose or reinstall every time, switch to rvm, nvm, pyenv or something else. For a while vagrant was cool.