crafting (and) JavaScript

December 2022

The container build process feels a bit not that transparent, I feel. But using: docker-compose build --progress=plain it becomes a bit more transparent.

There I have it again, a install.sh file on a linux and I don't remember how execute it. I tried ./install.sh, error, . ./install.sh another error, it also never felt right the way I did it.

I learned just yesterday that Docker Inc. is charging for their Docker Desktop client. Only when certain conditions apply, but still. I am not at all against charging for good products, but now I also understand why the docker app and website wanted me to log in lately. Good time to get rid of it and use the less annoying tools, I found colima as my new docker runtime, simple, easy, not in my way.

Inside your docker container you have a wrong time? Then it mostly depends on your timezone. Mostly it is solved by passing in the timezone from your host into the container, e.g. in the docker-compose.yml, by setting TZ environment variable directly, like so.

As described before, I am learning node-RED. The first thing though that I always want to ensure is that a project can be cloned (from git) and run with (ideally) just one click.
For this the defacto standard nowadays is docker, which allows to set up an environment that can be reproduced on any system and therefore also allows to reduce the cost of setup, sync, and it improves easier collaboration.

I changed my job inside Sono Motors a bit, I need to learn node-RED now. Node-RED is a low-code, drag-n-drop UI for building execution flows, often used in IOT, but basically can be used to build any kind of (JavaScript) program. One can install add-ons (nodejs modules) that offer any kind of helper, interfaces, connectors, UI, and so on. You can build anything with it.