crafting (and) JavaScript

January 2014

Refactor to functional

I read it first in my personal trending twitter search, then I saw it on hacker news and I pulled the repo and being intrigued by the minimal size, compared to react and polymer I thought I try out the demo, didn't work. So I looked a the code, very opinionated. My conclusion after having spent about just 1h on it I summed up in this tweet.

I have to read this, I just want to parse the data a bit and I fail. I smell that I don't get the concept fully yet, or that I am using it in a different way than it's meant.

In order to keep all your meta data of your project in one place and only create files that actually just copy those data you can use projectz where you maintain data like title, description, author(s), badges, ... in one CSON file and with a special markup you can update fill in the templates files like README, package.json, ...


Lately they don't turn out so good, or is it my blurred vision?


I really appreciate the things I learnt from Erik Meijer, but I am not so sure I can follow all his opinions.

Mocks Aren't Stubs

IDEs are awesome, but sometimes in my way and setting up test runners sometimes defeats the purpose of being fast with tests, which also means having feedback constantly and continuously.