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ECMAScript Module Support in nodejs

While working on pico-tester I realized I am not as knowledgable in nodejs' support for ECMAScript Modules (esm).
I think it's very simple in the browser. There is <script type=module> which understands import and there is <script nomodule> which nicely gradually falls back to before ESM times. But what about nodejs? There is a package.json with properties such as main: <filename>, exports: {} type: module, type: commonjs, and any combination of them. For a long time I am using the package esm to allow me to use ESM on nodejs, but when publishing a package such as pico-tester, I must be compatible with as many ways as possible, in which nodejs can be used. So first there is terminology to get right (esm, cjs, ...) and than provide the right type of package or packaging so it can be used there. I might update this over time with more learnings.
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In order to keep all your meta data of your project in one place and only create files that actually just copy those data you can use projectz where you maintain data like title, description, author(s), badges, ... in one CSON file and with a special markup you can update fill in the templates files like README, package.json, ...