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Redux, Context or What

State management in react as it is most commonly spread among devs is suboptimal, I would say. I just looked up my first react app, it's from 2014 and we used react to make working with HTML in a "normal" DOM based page easier and code more readable. React didn't control all the page. We used jQuery to animate between the pages, where each page was a react component. Nowadays a react app tries to get the entire app to be react as quickly as possible. Has it turned around, against us?
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React: Hooks vs. Saga

I am currently working on a React Native app that uses redux saga heavily. My main concern with it is the traceability of code that goes together, the modularization. It is hard, if not impossible to know what belongs together, what is needed in combination with what.
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Actually we are currently discussing and evaluating to use react or alike and this react lifecycle comes in perfectly and somehow also makes the point stronger that a well documented, cared and widely used project is a good thing to be using. Decided!