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Six Working Flexbox Layouts

Layouting a site with CSS is initially easy. It becomes fun and more difficult when it shall become responsive, when you have a special design in mind and when one browser does not work as expected.
The site Solved by Flexbox by @philwalton is a great resource where he shows six major use cases and describes the solutions.
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[this is a draft]

Which unit to use, rem, em or even px (just to mention the most common units) when writing CSS seems to be an ongoing discussion. For people entering the space of web development the hurdle just gets higher, the complexity is continuously growing. There are more units than ever, I counted 21, there is more sites to learn from. It is not easy to figure out where and how to start.
I will try to analyze this a bit applying what I know and have learnt over the last 25 years of web development.


CSS Reset

First search result for "CSS reset" is by the mighty Eric Meyer https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/ from quite some time ago. And looking up the source of his site I see the reset is not really included, also no modified version as far as I saw it. Next I came across https://cssreset.com/what-is-a-css-reset/ which nicely explains the whys and also states the cons. Unfortunately the latter article is missing a date, so I can't say how old this knowledge is. That's why I was so very keen on having all items properly dated on my blog.
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