crafting (and) JavaScript

April 2020

My favourite git tool GitUp, which allows me to do everything with the keyboard and still has a UI has just received an update and if I had not read the release notes I wouldn't have known that now the "Fix double clicking title not expanding window" landed. I had already trained my muscle memory and would probably not have realized.

There is nothing new about websites being backwards compatible. The HMTL Design Principles from the W3C are from November 2007 and they are not outdated!

I use docker images to provide the environment for development. My nodejs is installed only inside the docker image. That means I always map my working directory into the container. This means I don't need to send no build context to the docker deamon.

I still often type document.querySelector() or document.querySelectorAll() even though even before this was available in the browser the developer consoles, FireBugs or whatever they were called had a shorter version available $ and $$. Yep, it works almost exactly the same, just that one returns a NodeList the other an array. Just try it. It works in all browsers as far as I know, I tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge. See the image below for how it works in Firefox.

I always struggled with it. Actually I looked it up a couple days ago and until today I was under the assumption "than" was for time and ordering, I had been confused and wrong.

I read it multiple times already in Measure What Matters by John Doerr, that OKRs are flexible. I normally underline those things, but now I have to note it somewhere where I can find it again without physically needing the book. On page 54 he writes