crafting (and) JavaScript

April 2020

When my build process slows down my work and I think about how to build just parts of a project instead of the entire project, my time is spent wrong. I should speed up the entire project's build process, not optimize for building parts. Read on about how I build, measured, sped up and will repeat for site-stitcher, the project that builds this site.

Uku creator of plausible.io had written a nice article on how to design, even though one is a miserable designer, as I am. A must read if you own the same skill deficiency ;).

I am a big fan of structured data and making the data we have on the web more accessible, easier to use, simply more worth it is a very useful thing. How useful is it investing in outlining your website's today? I found a couple articles and quotes on the web.


There is a uXSS bug in Chrome on iOS, which is actually a WebKit bug. But Chrome fixes it on iOS by crashing the browser, because this was the fastest way to fix it. Alright ...