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Tim Berners-Lee about WWW

Actually Sir Tim Berners-Lee put the headline "Answers for Young People" above this article, but this is by far not only for the younger people. I can highly recommend to read it.

Beside learning about how he invented the WWW, the explanation of URL and learning what happens when you click a link (URL) I would like to highlight the section where he explains how exciting and useful math is. He headlined that with I'm interested in Math -- what exciting stuff is there we don't do at school?. I read from it Education is a thing ;). If there is nothing you take away, take this.

Is the Web Good or Bad?

The last question he answers is powerful. Some quotes. No comments needed.

what is made of the Web is up to us.
Let's use the Web to help people understand each other.

Think about it and act like it.