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ML for VRT - Part 3: Hands On

I renamed the series to "ML for VRT" instead of "ML vs. VRT" since that is what I actually want to achieve (eventually), as you can read in Part 1 - Machine Learning vs. Screenshot Comparing?. Read on to figure out how I ended up next to learn about neural networks, because I figured out just applying some code examples learned from tutorials won't suffice my learning and they won't answer the questions I actually have to understand how to tune a neural network to do what I image it to do, detecting screenshots for visual regression testing.
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Tests using process.cpuUsage and process.memoryUsage

Learning stuff about nodejs (or v8) while writing tests that ensure runtime behaviour, using process.cpuUsage and process.memoryUsage. Curious how brittle those tests become over time. Glad the app ALWAYS runs in the same docker container (dev and prod).
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